Unprecedented Work Opportunities for Women in India

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Unprecedented Work Opportunities for Women in India

  August 1, 2018

The Tandon Group strongly believes that social innovation is just as important as technical innovation and has a long history of taking the lead in social responsibility on a range of issues. By developing and applying new ideas about what social values we have and should have, Tandon has not only become a leader in India economically but also politically, using its influence to encourage the country’s growth to the best benefit of all its citizens.

From 1984 to 2000, the Tandon Group became the largest employer of women in the tech sector. Not only did this pave the way for other tech companies to start employing more women, but social innovation led to technical innovations and economic advantage for both India and Tandon.

By employing more women, Tandon gained access to a previously untapped source of potential and expertise and this move helped fuel India’s growth into one of the top tech producing companies in the world. Additionally, through positively influencing the Indian Supreme Court, Tandon helped gain women in the technology industry the right to work at night, increasing women’s freedom in the workplace and indirectly improving their living conditions as a whole.

Tandon also used its political influence to help encourage the creation of “tax-free zones” throughout India. These have proved to have had an incredible impact on the growth rate of the Indian economy, increasing production and foreign investment and ultimately driving India into the top ten of the world’s biggest economies.

Time and again, social innovation has proven to be not just the right thing to do, but a key indicator of economic success; by innovating socially as well as technically, the Tandon Group continues to find success and make a difference in a variety of impactful fields. Looking at a problem with innovation and tenacity, both economically and socially, has been a key driver behind Tandon’s past and present successes and continues to push them towards ever greater growth and influence.

Tandon GroupUnprecedented Work Opportunities for Women in India