Portfolio Company Spotlight: Connected Yard

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Portfolio Company Spotlight: Connected Yard

  October 1, 2018

Imagine your pool notifies you when it needs to be cleaned, chemicals need to be added, or the temperature needs to be adjusted. It then automatically regulates itself, schedules a pool cleaning service and orders the needed chemicals – all saving you time and money on maintenance. Imagine beautiful green grass year-round, lower water bills and perfectly timed mowings. Now your lawn only waters itself when it needs it, thanks to smart sensors and rain data. Dead grass and over watering are a thing of the past. Imagine your entire yard – connected. That’s exactly what ConnectedYard is working on.

Reinventing Outdoor Home Care

ConnectedYard is the parent company to an innovative brand called pHin. pHin is reinventing pool and hot tub care with a Bluetooth-smart and WiFi-enabled sensor, a mobile app and pre-measured chemicals that take away any guesswork on the part of the owner. Their product works with all types of pools and has streamlined pool care for any and everybody.

Any homeowner knows home pools can get very gross when left unattended. Never before has it been so easy to get detailed reports of your pool or hot tub’s water chemistry. ConnectedYard’s award-winning technology is completely turn-key.

ConnectedYard’s ultimate vision is to transform how the modern outdoor home environment is maintained. Between pool care, lawn care, home exteriors, and lighting, ConnectedYard isn’t just building cool apps. They’re building amazing hardware too! pHin is the first product in a line of many that will transform your home forever. If you’d like to order your own pHin device go to and purchase yours today!

Meet The Founders, Justin & Mark

Justin Miller is the co-founder and CEO of ConnectedYard Inc., the makers of pHin. Justin is the former CEO of Plaxo Inc and President and founder of the Comcast Innovation Center in Silicon Valley. With experience in product development/management and user experience at eBay, both in the US and in Europe, Justin also led human interface designs at Apple, designing the desktop and networking user experience for macOS. Justin has an MA in Human-Computer Interaction from Rice University and a BA in Psychology from Rutgers University. – LinkedIn

Mark Janes is the co-founder and COO of ConnectedYard Inc., the makers of pHin.
Mark is a leader in the interactive media, start-up, and tech industries. He has a proven track record of successfully building companies, launching products internationally, and managing the operations, sales and marketing teams of a wide range of successful companies. Mark has an MA in Interactive Media from Southampton University, UK. – LinkedIn

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