Portfolio Company Spotlight: Fictiv

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Portfolio Company Spotlight: Fictiv

  December 1, 2018

Reinventing How Hardware Is Built

Fictiv is a distributed manufacturing company based in San Francisco, California. What exactly is distributed manufacturing? According to Wikipedia,”Distributed manufacturing, also known as distributed production, cloud producing and local manufacturing, is a form of decentralized manufacturing practiced by enterprises using a network of geographically dispersed manufacturing facilities that are coordinated using information technology.” Basically, it’s resourceful manufacturing.

Fictiv offers 3D printing, urethane casting and CNC machining services to companies all across the United States. One major benefit of distributed manufacturing is the fact that you can get machined parts in as little as a few hours/days as opposed to waiting weeks/months for overseas manufacturers.

Fictiv works wonderfully for smaller organizations because without the purchasing power of a large corporation its nearly impossible to find affordable manufacturers (or manufacturers that are willing to work on your project at all). By creating one of the strongest network of distributed manufacturers in America, Fictiv is able to offer its service to not only large enterprises but to startups and small/medium-sized businesses as well.

Fictiv is poised to help create the next generation of great American companies. New companies can now rapidly prototype, test and redesign parts for virtually unlimited products. If you’re a startup looking to manufacturer physical products, check out Fictiv today. It’s easy to get a free quote and you have nothing to lose. The cost of manufacturing your dream product may be less than you think.

Meet The Founders

Dave Evans

“As the co-founder and CEO of Fictiv, Dave Evans has been working to democratize manufacturing and give people better access to tools for building hardware. Whether you’re creating an automated food dispenser for your four-legged pal or making airfoils to send humans to Mars, Dave believes everyone should be empowered to build better hardware.” – LinkedIn

Nathan Evans

“Nate Evans is a designer, artist, and entrepreneur. As co-founder and Chief Experience Officer (CXO) at Fictiv he’s responsible for motivating and helping a talented team of creatives working to democratize manufacturing. When he’s not in a design review, kickoff meeting, or flipping pancakes for the team, you can find him backpacking with friends and studying the landscape for the perfect black and white shot with his film cameras.” – LinkedIn

If you’re a startup founder and you’d like to become one of Tandon Group’s investment portfolio companies, reach out to us. Tandon Group is always looking for innovative new companies that need capital to grow. While we focus on the EMS, IT, wireless, defense and consumer industries, we are open to hearing any promising company’s pitch. We hope to hear from you soon!

Tandon GroupPortfolio Company Spotlight: Fictiv