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Founded in 1975 and headquartered in Mumbai and Silicon Valley, Tandon Group operates several successful businesses and incubates next-generation startups in India. Since its inception, Tandon Group had a strong influence over the first generation IBM PC computers and continues its rich legacy of innovation in technology today.

As a business incubator, Tandon Group offers in-depth support with business, marketing, financial and technical advice. From understanding market sensibilities in India, to establishing worldwide low-cost manufacturing facilities, its network and expertise is valuable to any new business.

Tandon Group fosters entrepreneurship, and its companies have demonstrated excellence in the information technology, hardware and consumer services. Operating companies include Infinx Healthcare and Syrma Technology. Investment companies are provided on our website, including the breakthrough startup FreeCharge, which was acquired by Snapdeal in 2015 and was the largest internet M&A deal in India to date.

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