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Expanding your Business into the Indian Marketplace

“Going global” are two words every entrepreneur wants to say about their business. For small startups and emerging businesses, expanding globally brings unprecedented challenges that will tax the entire organization from the top down. The business must continue operations in their home country, while somehow diverting resources to expanding without any interruptions. The costs are

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Selecting the Right Venture Capital Firm for your Startup

When looking to raise funding, there are many factors you need to consider before choosing a venture capitalist partner. Many great startups have been thrown off course by choosing an investor for the money and not for the other assets they bring to the table. While capital is important, it’s only a small part of

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India is Now the Second Largest Smartphone Consumer

How did India become the second-largest smartphone user in the world, second only to China? The answer, simply put, is widespread access to economically priced smartphones and cheap internet plans. Indians can now purchase decent mobile devices for just $20, which means that even the estimated 200 million Indian citizens who live without electricity can

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