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How Indian Entrepreneurs are Changing the World

Entrepreneurs are the people who move industries forward. Without entrepreneurs, innovation would come to a halt and large, bureaucratic corporations would only make small, incremental improvements. From our point-of-view, entrepreneurs are some of the most important people in today’s society. Today we’ll present a list of just a few Indian entrepreneurs who are changing the

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New Factors Driving India’s Electronics Industry

India’s electronics industry has grown to become one of the largest consumer electronics markets in the Asia Pacific Region. There are numerous factors amplifying this growth in recent years. These include the growth of India’s middle-class population, increasing disposable income among its citizens and dropping prices for electronics. Despite being considered a single economic class,

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U.S Tech Giants & their Indian Counterparts

In the United States, the media religiously covers American businesses, partially because of national favor and partially because of the sheer economic size of established U.S. tech giants. Not to be outdone, India has quickly mobilized its workforce to compete with these tech giants who are working their way into India. They’ve steadily accomplished their goal

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