Fictiv: A Startup Funding Success Story

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Fictiv: A Startup Funding Success Story

  March 1, 2019

San Francisco-based Fictiv, a distributed manufacturing company, continues to offer excellent 3D printing, urethane casting, and CNC machining services to companies all across the United States, and venture capitalists are taking notice. Since 2013, Fictiv has been a game-changer for the next generation of great American companies prototyping, manufacturing, testing and redesigning parts. You might call them the “Airbnb” of manufacturing.

Since our last update on the startup’s funding status, Fictiv announced a Series B funding of $15 million dollars to further expand its Virtual Manufacturing Platform.

Over the past year, Fictiv has used venture capital to:

  • Quadruple their worldwide network of manufacturing partners, bringing the number to over 200.
  • Expand manufacturing capabilities to support production volume for CNC, urethane casting, and injection molding.
  • Open new offices in Guangzhou, China to meet customer demands for production parts.

In addition, Fictiv is constantly developing new collaborative tools to drive efficiency into the manufacturing process and give engineers their time back. They recently rolled out their new Workspace app, where hardware teams can collaborate on projects, provide design feedback, resolve issues, and manage file revisions.

Fictiv’s vision from the beginning has been to democratize hardware development, which means improving access to manufacturing while reducing the time it takes to bring products to market. Their extensive customer list now includes Silicon Valley’s top product companies in the automotive, medical robotics, aerospace and consumer electronics markets. Read the full press release and contact Fictiv for a free quote today.

Fictiv: A vision that is catching startup investors’ attention

Tandon Group: Startup Investors with a Vision

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