Indian Crowdfunding Opportunities

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Indian Crowdfunding Opportunities

  May 1, 2015

Prior to having a proof-of-concept, raising capital for your startup can prove very difficult. Most professional and institutional investors want to see working products and market validation before they’re willing to invest in any capital. This can turn into a paradox — you need money to build your initial product or service but you can’t get money without having an initial product or service. There are ways, however, to raise capital and prove your concept, at the same time.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding essentially lets you raise money from future customers (or fans), prior to building your product or service. These micro investors, commonly known as “backers”, pledge money to your cause in exchange for one of the first products, to gain access to your work before anyone else, to be recognized as a backer, or any number of other creative reasons. 

Why has it become popular?

Crowdfunding has become popular in recent years due to the fact that you can start a company and prove the concept, without risking almost any assets. Another reason crowdfunding has become popular is that you do not give up any equity in the company in exchange for the money. Therefore, a successful crowdfunding campaign means you get the necessary capital to build your product or service and you still maintain full control of your company. These factors make crowdfunding a great option for products or services that serve end consumers. 

What opportunities work best for crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is most viable for B2C companies because of the fact that you need a large consumer base to be able to pledge money to your project. B2B companies usually have limited success using crowdfunding because there is not a large consumer base to get backers from. However, there have still been some B2B crowdfunding success stories such as Bitvore. Some of the best crowdfunding campaigns of recent history have included 3D printers, vaporizing pens, short movies/documentaries, smart devices, electronic gadgets, and other consumer goods. 

How crowdfunding can help you land future funding

Crowdfunding platforms are one of the best arenas for startups to prove their concept. When you’re able to induce 10,000+ backers to pledge hard-earned cash to your product or service, this is a great sign for the viability of your company. Angel investors and venture capitalists love to see a successful crowdfunding campaign because it means that there is a real need or desire for your offering. Most successful crowdfunding campaigns will not have a hard time raising further venture capital if they’re willing to exchange equity for it. 

How to spread the word about your crowdfunding opportunity

There are a million ways to get the word out about your crowdfunding opportunity. The most successful strategies involve some sort of social virality. Ideally, you have an initial niche base of people that you can market your project to who, in turn, will share it with their friends (who may not be immediately involved in that industry). If you want more in-depth knowledge on how to spread the word about your crowdfunding project, take a look around online as many comprehensive guides have been written. 

List of crowdfunding companies in India:

Financing After Crowdfunding

If you’ve run a successful crowdfunding campaign and are looking for further capital to expand your business, the Tandon Group can help. We’ve invested in dozens of startups in the technology, wireless, consumer, defense, and IT industries. We’ve had successful exits and are always looking for the next promising startup. If you believe that your company is going to be the next household name, reach out to us. We’d love to be your partner for the road ahead.

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