Continuous Ground Breaking Innovation Year After Year

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Continuous Ground Breaking Innovation Year After Year

  April 20, 2019

The Tandon Group has been inventing, innovating, and finding solutions to problems since its inception. Formed in 1978, the company’s first success was the design and production of the first floppy drive for the IBM PC. By outsourcing and investing in talent overseas, Tandon were able to scale up production while cutting prices, making the floppy drive and affordable PCs more accessible to a wider market. Fueled by a drive for innovation, the Tandon Group became the world’s largest manufacturer of disc drives for PCs and word processors by 1983.

Since then, the Tandon Group has continued to take products and find ways to manufacture them in the most efficient manner possible. They continue to outpace competitors through their understanding of outsourcing and experience in innovation. A more recent success involved decreasing the cost of telecommunication infrastructure products by over 30%. Taking existing technology, and redesigning it to be cheaper and better for the competitive Indian market enabled Tandon’s customers to expand mobile telephony access across the country. This served as a key driving factor to make India the fastest growing cellphone market in the world.

Today, the Tandon Group has a diverse portfolio, creating high impact products in a wide variety of fields. This includes developing and supporting a widespread Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) based urban bicycle-sharing system implemented in cities across the world. Cities are able to reduce traffic congestion while providing a convenient transportation option to its citizens.

Tandon Group companies have been behind developing cutting-edge parking meter technology that enables acceptance of a range of alternate payment options, including credit cards, ATM cards, and mobile phones. This makes it more convenient for residents and increases compliances for cities that deploy them. As with this, and many other products, the Tandon Group drew on its history as an innovator and inventor to find an economically viable solution to a common problem.

Tandon GroupContinuous Ground Breaking Innovation Year After Year

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